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We pride ourselves on meeting your company’s demands with quality builds and many options to customize your truck body to fit your specific needs

Our landscape truck bodies come in many lengths, with many different options for sides, doors, and heights!

Our flatbeds can be customized from 8ft to 26ft in length, single or dual wheel, 96″ wide or optional 108″ wide. The floors can be either smooth, diamond, or wood!

SJTB’s mason bodies can be 8ft to 12ft in length, have 12″ to 30″ sides, and have the option of a cab shield!
SJTB can fabricate a truck body to fit your business’s needs! Customize the height, width, doors, layout, you name it, we build it!


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    449 Bridgeton Pike
    Monroeville, NJ 08343


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